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The Tickle Tree

The Tickle Tree

The Tickle Tree by Chae Strathie and illustrate by Poly Bernatene is a beautiful bed time story. The story takes you on an adventure through a beautifully illustrated dream world where you dance with marvelous musical meeps and listen to the buzz of the snugglebug.


  1. Coloring pages click here
    • Download coloring pages to your computer and then print for proper size.
  2. Mobile
    • Use Coloring Pages
    • Color and cut out
    • Use a hole punch to punch holes into tops of pictures or a needle and thread to make holes smaller
    • Attach pictures to a wire hanger with yarn or thread
  3. Dream creatures
    • Pick one or more of your favorite dream creatures from the book and re-create them.
    • Create your own dream creatures
  4. Watercolor
    • Using watercolor paper and watercolor paints, paint a background for your dream creatures.
    • Draw your dream creatures on top of your background. Use pencil first if you want then trace in ink pen or marker so they will stand out on your background.
  5. Dream pictures
    • Draw pictures of your dreams
    • Using tissue paper fill in your pictures with color to create a collage


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