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The Monster Who Lost His Mean Story Time and Craft

The Monster Who Lost His Mean Story Time and Craft


This story by Tiffany Strelitz Haber is about a little monster who has to figure out who he is after he loses his “M”. We all go through this. We have to figure out who we are and who our real friends are. The little monster in this book struggles with going back to who he was. Does he want to fit in with his monster friends or does he want to keep his new friends?

Poor Monster can’t find his ‘M’. What will he do?

Activity: Create a Name Banner

  • Make triangle pennants. PennantTemplate (includes letters).
  • Draw bubble letters for each letter of their name.
  • Cut out letters and glue to triangle pennants.
  • Have children draw their own monsters Monsters.
  • Color monster and cut out.
  • Use a hole punch to create holes on pennants and monsters.
  • String yarn or twine through holes.
  • Hang on bedroom wall.
  • Talk to children about anger. How it affects others. How it affects them. Talk to children about helping others.

This is my Name Banner. Each of my sons colored one of the monsters and I love them.

Benefits of art activity:

  • Helps letter recognition.
  • Helps children learn how to spell name.
  • Helps fine-motor skill. Cutting with scissors and coloring in the lines.
  • Helps encourage creativity. Give children freedom to choose colors for monsters.
  • Helps make connections between what they read and real life.
  • Encourages family communication.


Outschool Story Time and Art

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