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The Kissing Hand Story Time and Craft

The Kissing Hand Story Time and Craft


The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a sweet story about a mother’s love for her son. Little raccoon is nervous and a little scared about going to school. Momma raccoon tells him everything will be ok and gives him a kiss in his hand so he will know she is always their. My mother would kiss my sister’s and my hand before we took on any new challenge. I remember feeling so loved and connected. During this time give your kids an extra hug or a kiss in the hand. Their worlds have been turned upside down and many of them may be afraid and anxious. Talk to them. Tell them you love them. Tell them why you love them. Build up their self-esteem. The craft for this book is meant to be done as a family. Thank you for taking the time to watch and listen.

Nancy M. Leak’s illustrations are so wonderful. This is Chester. He is sad and needs some love and encouragement.

Activity: Wreath of Hands

  • Start by tracing each family member’s hands on different color construction paper.
    • We used one color for each member of the family.
    • 3-4 of each hand will cover the wreath but make more if you want.
  • Trace one of each family member’s hands on white paper and have them write their name in the palm. Poster board or card stock will work best.
  • Cut out all hands.
  • Each family member will write one thing they love about the person on a finger of each member’s hand, corresponding to whose hand it is.
    • ex. I have Mason’s hand so I will write one thing I love about him on a finger of his hand.
  • To make the wreath, trace a large circle, 8-10″ diameter, onto a piece of poster board.
  • Trace a smaller circle, 6-8″ diameter, inside the 8-10″ circle.
  • Cut out both circles.
  • Glue or staple the colorful hands around the circle palms on the the poster board fingers out.
    • Alternate colors, create a pattern
  • After the colorful hand are attached, glue or staple the white hands on top.
  • I cut out a smaller wreath and glued it on top of the bottom of the hands to give it a more finished look but this is up to you. It is your family hand wreath.

Benefits of art activity:

  • Tracing and cutting help develop fine-motor skills.
  • Spending time as a family.
    • Talk to each other, share things about your day, encourage each other.
  • Creating something together as a family.
  • Learning to work together towards a common goal.
  • Feeling loved.
  • Learning things, something someone loves about you, that you didn’t know.


Outschool Story Time and Art

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