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The Art of Lines vol. 1

The Art of Lines vol. 1

This handbook is written for parents who want to teach art in their home school classroom. It is composed of step-by-step art lessons and activities about lines, one of the most basic art concepts. The lessons are carefully planned to allow parents of any artistic ability to teach a successful art class. The activities are age appropriate for preschool and elementary aged students. They are kid tested and effective in building introductory drawing skills.

The handbook contains:
• Two drawing lessons about lines: What are lines? and What are the different types of lines?
• Each lesson contains 3-4 art activities that allow students to practice creating lines.
• Two final projects: one for preschoolers through early elementary school and one for late elementary school
• A brief art history section discovering the great Leonardo da Vinci
• A detailed supply list for each activity

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