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Solar System Watercolor and Crayon Art Ages 9-12

Solar System Watercolor and Crayon Art Ages 9-12

In this class, students will create a drawing with crayons of the solar system. They will get to paint the background with watercolor.

Class layout:
We will start by discussing briefly the order in which the planets orbit the sun.
We will look at pictures of each planet and talk about each planet. Is it a gas planet? What color does the planet appear? What do they know about each planet.
We will make a drawing compass using a pencil and a string.
We will draw the orbits of each planet as a guide for placement.
We will draw each planet with crayons.
We will paint the background with watercolor paints.

Learning Goals:
Students will learn a little bit about each planet.
Students will see what happens when you use watercolor paint over wax crayons.
Students will learn how to use string and a pencil to make a drawing compass.

This class meets once
Ages 9-12
Cost $12
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