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Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes

Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes


Written by Eric Litwin    Illustrated by James Dean

We all love this sweet curious cat. Pete loves going on and singing about his adventures. Read the book to find out what happens to Pete’s white shoes. Sing along if you want.

Activity: Splatter the Shoes

  1. Print out the shoe template. Click here for single shoe. Click here for four.
  2. Glue shoe to poster board and cut out. This will make it sturdy for painting. Make as many shoes as you would like. (Pete has four feet).
  3. Put some red, blue, and brown paint into plastic cups. (one color per cup).
  4. Add water to each cup to make paint runny.
  5. Use a paint brush to splatter your white cut-out shoes with each color. You can splatter each shoe with all three colors or splatter one shoe per color and leave one white.
  6. Let the paint dry then glue each shoe to matching color sheet of construction paper.
  7. Glue each sheet of construction paper to a sheet of poster board. Now you have an Andy Warhol like masterpiece.

Benefits of art activities:

  1. Cutting improves fine-motor skills.
  2. This book teaches sequencing. What happens first, second, last?
  3. Children are exposed to pop art and Andy Warhol. For more info on pop art visit https://www.britannica.com/art/Pop-art. For more info about Andy Warhol visit https://www.biography.com/artist/andy-warhol.
  4. Children get to explore creativity.
  5. Children learn that creating art is fun and messy.

For more Pete the Cat books visit https://www.petethecatbooks.com/

Outschool Story Time and Art

I am offering a story time and art club on Outschool.com. If you are interested in sharing stories and creating art with your children, check out my class here. I will read a new story each week and walk you through an art activity that goes along with that day’s book.