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Optical Illusion Art: Draw Your Hand

Optical Illusion Art: Draw Your Hand

In this class, students will draw lines to make their appear like it is 3D.

Class Layout
We will briefly discuss optical illusion art.
We will talk about line and the importance of white space in art.
We will trace our hand in pencil.
We will use a ruler to create our drawing.
We will use add color to our work if time permits. If not, then students will be encourage to add color own their own if they would like.

Students should be able to use a ruler for drawing straight lines.

This class will be fun and students will be free to ask questions and comment about the activity.

Learning goals

  1. Students will learn about Op Art.
  2. Students will learn about the importance of using white space in art.
  3. Students will practice using a ruler to draw straight lines.


This class meets once.
Ages 9.12
Cost $12
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