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Making Halloween Costumes

Making Halloween Costumes

My youngest son, Luke, loves making Halloween costumes with his dad. Luke comes up with some really crazy ideas that turn out awesome. He and his dad started this two years ago when Luke came home from school and said, “I want to be a milk carton for Halloween.” What? A milk carton? Seriously? Luke knew exactly what he wanted the carton to look like at what he wanted it to say. His friend from school told him he was going to be an inflatable alien chicken. Luke thought it would be hilarious to post the chicken as missing on the side of the carton. Over the next few weeks, he and his dad started planning and looking for materials to make the milk carton of Luke’s dreams. This is what they came up with.

As you can see they found the chicken! LOL!

The next year, Luke wanted to make a Mugman costume. For those of you who don’t know who Mugman is, he is a video game character. Luke and his dad started planning again. They decided the best way to make a huge mug head would be paper mache.


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