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Drawing: Parts of a Flower

Drawing: Parts of a Flower


In this class, learners will learn how to draw what they see while drawing the various parts of a flower. We will talk about geometric and organic shapes. We will briefly look at the flower in a scientific way.

Class layout:
1. We will review geometric shapes and talk about organic shapes. What are the differences between geometric and organic shapes? Which shapes occurs naturally?
2 We will then look at either a real flower or a fake flower depending on which one the learners bring to class. We will discuss the shapes they see. Does a flower have geometric shapes? Could you draw the flower using only geometric shapes?
3. We will take apart the flower and draw each piece. As we draw what we see, we will discuss the purpose of each part of the flower. Does is collect sunshine? Water? Pollen?
4. After we have drawn the parts of the flower, learners will create an abstract art work using the different parts and shapes of the flower. This is learners opportunity to explore their creativity.

Learning Goals:
Students will learn the difference between geometric and organic shapes.
Students will learn basic structure and properties of flowers. (This is not a science class, the explanation will be brief.)
Students will begin to see a connection between art and science.
Students will learn how to draw what they see.
Students will learn how using basic shapes can create abstract art.
Students will be encourage to use their creativity.

This class meets once.
Ages 8-11
Cost $10
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