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Drawing Game: Pick a Topic

Drawing Game: Pick a Topic


Posted by Splish Splash Art Studio on Wednesday, May 20, 2020


How this drawing challenge worked.
1st we used a random list generator to create a list of 30 topics. We then rolled five 6 sided dice. Whatever number we rolled was the topic we had to draw. Then we wrote the topic on the top of the page, set a timer for 2 minutes, and then started drawing something related to the topic. When the timer went off, we stopped drawing and passed the paper to our right. That person the drew for 2 minutes and so on until the paper came back to the original drawers hands. The original drawer had 2 minutes to complete the drawing, add more to it, or try to make it a cohesive drawing.

Here are my families drawings from our challenge. For the first challenge, the topics were picked randomly and were shared. The topics were glasses, inspiration, princess, and whales.

For the second challenge, we picked our own topics but did not share what they were. The topics are rings, pocket monsters, garden, and computers.