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Drawing Flex Class: Mark Making, Lines, Contour Lines, Gestures, & Perspective

Drawing Flex Class: Mark Making, Lines, Contour Lines, Gestures, & Perspective

In this 8 week flex class, students will be introduced to and learn how to create drawings using three methods: contour lines, gestures, and perspective. They will practice skills at their own pace each week. They will be encouraged to share thoughts about lessons with classmates weekly.

This class will consist of instructional videos posted each Sunday for 8 weeks.
The first Sunday of the class I will post an intro to the class video as well as the instructional video. This video will explain expectations for the class, how to complete each assignment, what is expected each week, and how to complete the self-evaluation sheet for each project.

Each week students will:
1. Complete the assignment I go over in the instructional video. They can take as long as they need to complete the assignment during that week.
2. Post a progress picture of their art each Wednesday.
3. Post a picture of their final project each Saturday.
4. Complete a self-evaluation sheet about their artwork and what they thought about the assignment. Sent to me on Saturday when they turn in final project.
5. Comment on at least one classmates work. Positive comments only.
6. Answer a discussion question about the lesson, art skill, or activity for that week. They can comment or ask questions on classmates answers. The purpose of the discussion question is to confirm students understanding of the activity and to challenge their critical thinking skills.

Each week I will:
1. Post the instruction video on Sunday.
2. Check for progress pictures Thursday morning and give feedback.
3. Check classroom comments, answer any questions, and give feedback. Because students do not meet via Zoom meetings I will encourage them to socialize, talk and comment, regularly with classmates on the classroom page.
4. Post discussion question on Wednesday. Check answers, make comments, and ask questions.
5. Sunday I will check self-evaluation sheets and give feedback on each students evaluation.
6. I will post my final project each week along with my self-evaluation sheet. I feel it is important for students to understand that even as the teacher I take the time to do each project and self-evaluate my art as an artist.

Class Schedule:
Class 1: Introduction to Mark Making and Lines – Students will learn types of line and line weight. This section will be a review for students who have taken my Intro to Lines class but activities will be different from those in my other drawing classes.

Class 2: Introduction to Contour Lines – Students will practice drawing objects without picking up their pencils. This activity is great for eye-hand coordination. This activity will also challenge students thinking by making them draw what they see and not what they think an object should look like.

Class 3: Blind Contour – Students will draw several objects without looking at their paper and without lifting their pencil from the paper. This activity increases concentration and encourages students to trust their instincts. This activity is great for eye-hand coordination and learning to draw what they see not what they think something should look like.

Class 4: Introduction to Gestures – Students will learn how to quickly sketch out objects to create the basic form and shape of the object. The beginning of class will focus on gestures of simple objects. The second half of class we will work on creating gestures of a still-life. Students will learn how gestures make it easy to adjust object placement.

Class 5: Gestures – Students will draw gestures of the human form. I will use a wooden human form figure.

Class 6: Introduction to Perspective – Students will learn what perspective is and how to create one-point perspective. This activity will increase students understanding of distance and space in a drawing.

Class 7: Perspective – Students will continue to practice drawing one-point perspective. They will work on creating a street with lamp posts. They will learn about foreground and background. They will use what they learned during class 1 about lines to create a foreground and background in their drawing.

Class 8: Perspective – Students will continue to practice drawing one-point perspective. They will work on creating a city scape.

I will do my best to answer any questions students may have in a timely manner. If students need additional help, I can schedule a time to meet via Zoom. I can also create additional instructional videos if necessary.

I will keep track of students work and send a completion report at the end of class.