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Draw a Train: What Shapes Do You See?

Draw a Train: What Shapes Do You See?


In this class, learners will learn how to draw a train engine by observing the shapes that make it.

Class layout:
1. We will begin by going over basic geometric shapes.
2. We will then talk about how all objects are created with shapes.
3. Next, we will look at a toy train and talk about the shapes they see.
4. I will then walk them through drawing the shapes in order to create one side and then the front of the train.

When learners are finished drawing their train they will be encourage to color it and create a background. Colors and background will be up to each learner. This is where their individual creativity is encouraged.

Learning objectives:
Students will learn or review different geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles and how to draw them.
Students will learn that all objects are made of lots of shapes.
Students will learn how to see the different shapes that make a train engine.
Students will learn how to draw an object based on the shapes they see.
Students will practice following directions as we draw the train shape by shape.

This class meets once.
Ages 5-10
Cost $10
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