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Art Lessons


Individual and Small Group Lessons

These classes are continuous classes where children will learn about art concepts such as line, value, color, and composition over a period of time. Children will participate in a study every class that allows them to practice a specific skill. As they master each skill, new skills will be added. Children will also use the skills they learn to complete a larger project over the course of three months.

  • 45 minutes. Expect me there for an hour because of set up and clean up.
  • Price: starts at $25/student/class
  • A list of supplies will be provided
  • At least 3 month commitment: This allows time for students to practice what they are learning and gives them a chance to complete a full project.
  • Can sign up for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
  • When you sign up for 6 months or more your child will receive a sketch book.

For more information on pricing, please contact me.