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ART Story Time and Craft

ART Story Time and Craft


In this story by Patrick McDonnell, a little boy takes you on a wonderful journey through his imagination. Art zigs and zags across his paper. His scribbles squiggle and his bright colorful splotches have blotches. Art’s excitement of his creative process leaves the reader anxious for paper and brush.

Here is one of my favorite illustrations from this beautiful book. Patrick McDonnell really shows the rich colorful imagination of a child.

This book became one of my kids favorites. We read it so many times we can all recite it almost word for word.


Give children several pieces of paper and a variety of art supplies.

  • First sheet: Encourage children to cover it with scribbles. Let them explore different colors and supplies.
  • Second sheet: Encourage children to create several splotches of color. Let them add blotches with new colors.
  • Third sheet: Teach children how to draw curly cues. Let them try drawing some as large as the paper and as small as they can.
  • Final sheet: Encourage children to draw a picture of your family or their pets. Let them choose the colors they use.

Here is my ART inspired art.

Benefits of art activity:

  • Children are free to make a mess.
  • Children practice fine-motor skills while using crayons, markers, and other supplies.
  • Children learn to express themselves through the use of color, lines, and shapes.
  • Children get to share their view of your family.
  • You get to participate in an activity with your children.
  • You get to share your children’s world with them.


Outschool Story Time and Art

I am offering a story time and art club on Outschool.com. If you are interested in sharing stories and creating art with your children, check out my class here. I will read a new story each week and walk you through an art activity that goes along with that day’s book.


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