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Hi, I am Alicia. I am a wife, a mother, and an artist.  I have a degree in early childhood education and have almost 17 years of experience working with children from birth to middle school.  I worked for three years in a child development center floating from age group to age group until I settled in the infant room for the last year.

I used the knowledge from school and the experience I gained working with children to create a creative learning environment for my two kids during their preschool years. I developed lesson plans that incorporated art into each subject they learned. My children started preschool knowing everything they needed for the first few grades of elementary school. After they started school, I continued to teach them on weekends and over the summer. I created projects for them to work on each week and took them on field trips that would correspond with the information they were learning.

I also implemented lessons plans in an after school program for over a year and I interned at my church as a children’s minister where I created lesson plans and activities for preschool and elementary age children for two years.

I then went back to school and received a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Psychology. I chose to further my study in psychology because a lot of my early childhood training focused on child emotional, social, physical, and mental development. I have since used the knowledge I acquired to guide my children through their developmental changes as well as provide appropriate activities that encourage that development.

I also love art and have been building an online presence in the art world. I believe that art is very important in our lives, in society, and in child development. Art provides a means of relaxation and expression. Our world can be hectic and overwhelming at times especially while children are moving through developmental changes. Art allows us to interpret the world we live in and express the impact our world has on our lives.

My love of art and teaching has motivated me to create online art classes. My goal is to use my education and experience to provide these educational art classes to not only home school families but to any family who would like to add art into their daily lives. Art is a fun way to bring families together. My family enjoys drawing competitions and Pictionary for family night. I really hope that all families, those who teach at home and those who don’t, will benefit from these classes.