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Welcome to my art studio!

The purpose of Splish Splash Art Class is to help families incorporate creative expression into their daily lives through the use of art lessons and activities.
My journey to open Splish Splash Art Class has been a long curvy path with lots of detours along the way. The most important part of this journey has been what I have learned.
I have learned that art inspires, that art takes us away from our crazy hectic world,  and that art gives us purpose and meaning.
I hope everyone who visits my page will find something that inspires them.
Thanks for visiting.

The Art of Lines Vol.1 is now Available on Amazon!

This Parent’s Handbook to Teaching Art at Home has quick, easy lessons for parents to follow to help incorporate the basics of art into their Home School curriculum or just to expand their children’s creativity! This first volume starts by introducing the foundational art concept of lines.

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The Art of Lines Vol 1 Cover

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